Quite often, we come across situations where we are trying our best to inform the customer about the out of scope request.

We might not assist immediately as the feature is not on our engineering team’s priority list (we don’t need to say this aloud, and the customer doesn’t need to know this, shhh!)

Out Of Scope Requests

Jokes apart, let’s review the communication phrases which can be used to respond to the customer with Out of Scope Requests:

– Firstly, please remember that you acknowledge the issue they are bringing up

– Align with them, let them know you have heard them and you understand

– Assure them that you have informed the internal teams, and they can also add in their ideas in Idea Exchange!

The response can be like this:

Hello XYZ,

Thank you so much for creating a case. It’s a great feature. I could see how you want to use this feature/functionality. I see this would be a helpful feature for our customers.

I wish to inform you that the feature is out of scope from a Support perspective.

Having said this, please know you can add the request to our fantastic Idea App (add the link). You can read more about Idea here (link) 

Our teams are continuously working to ensure that we add the features which are super beneficial to the customers and work well for them.

I appreciate you taking out time to reach out to us with your request. 

Please keep a watch for our Release Notes for each release to look for features added/released.  

In the meantime, please let me know if there’s anything else that we can help with, have a great rest of your day!”

The magic of words is, you can pick and adjust based on the scenario, however with templates, it feels boring copy-paste which is monotonous and Zombie writing.

Give this a try and let me know your feedback!
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