4 Best Creative Communication tricks you must try!

These are my personal tried and tested tricks that help you develop a better command over language.

  1. Communication Goal: Communication is a goal-oriented activity, you may agree or disagree with this fact. Think about a time when you wanted to communicate to someone, you always visualize it in your mind first and then speak. This is equal to setting a goal before connecting with people. The language is used to express the speaker’s attitude and decode the message.

    There can be multiple goal’s to communication like goal can be topic-oriented, message-oriented and Code oriented. The trick here is to use it in communication as the base of thoughts.


2. Body Language: You must be wondering how does Body language play an important role in Communication. Try this: Sit in a chair slouching see how your mind literally changes the way thoughts show up and when you’re sitting in a good posture, you feel confident and your ability to speak and write changes drastically.

Maintain eye contact when talking to someone in person and do not forget about the Power Pose. If you haven’t watched the TEDx on this, you’re absolutely missing important facts. Watch it here: https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_may_shape_who_you_are?language=en

Power pose

3. Tone: Your tone can convey a lot of information and it can also change the way you want to communicate. It can amplify your message or give the listener or reader the opposite meaning to what you actually mean.

A flat tone shows less interest in the way the message is communicated. The listener and the reader at another end might have lost the connection already.

For example: “I don’t know” can be coded in different ways depending on the scenarios. On the other side, “I have a limited knowledge on this topic, you might want to reach out to someone else,” this shows that you do want to talk but due to less information you are humble in your tone and you ask the person to connect with someone else.

If you want to experiment, try writing your messages in different ways. Consider more from the grammatical aspect and see how the message change their meaning when communicating different ways and emotions.

man, woman, question mark

4. Communication medium: You must choose your medium of communication wisely. Not all messages need to be delivered through the same mediums.

Select the right medium by considering the factors such as the nature of matter to be communicated, the distance between the receiver and sender, the urgency of the communication, etc.

My 2 cent’s on the medium and some tricks you can choose basis on the scenarios:

  • SMS: You can use this medium to connect with colleagues, co-workers, family & friends. For official communication please keep in mind the purpose and the type of message you are sharing with the receiver of the message.
  • Email: This is purely for official communication. Ensure you keep your email in a readable format. Use bullet points and avoid writing lengthy message. Again, keep in mind your message. Always keep the below format in use,

Add a good subject line describing your message and the elements of the email.

In the body of the email, it is suggested to use bullet points, numbered lists, and sequences. Makes your email readable and brings clarity to the message.

Before closing the message, add the call for action or next steps for the reader and/ or responder to revert. Here you can request the recipient for any information you would need.

  • Phone: Most popular medium of communication, I personally find this medium to very effective. While it is effective, this medium has its own pros and cons. Availability of the call, length of the message that needs to be shared, urgency of the matter. This will help you to gauge if a call is required or an email can help you in these situations.
  • Letters: This is an old faithful way of communication that has lost its glory and importance. However, even today in offices letters are still part of the formal communication and if you have noticed few of the important decision involving cost for the organization are covered in the letter and still need a person to sign as approval.
  • Social Media: One of the fastest and easier information delivery platform. You have a plethora of options like Chats, chat rooms, web-based messengers, communities, forums etc.

Call to Action:

Pick the type of communication medium which works best for you also can be adopted for the long term. You must consider factors while picking the mediums. Few pointers:

Keep the communication content in mind. Review the storage of the message. If it’s virtual content also look at the speed and accuracy before sending the message and lastly, cost if involved.

To read more about Corporate Communication, you can review this link :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corporate_communication

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