3 Actionable Best Practices- To give a good structure for Call communication

Call communication structures can help you identify how you would like to proceed on call by keeping the points in mind.

Let’s learn how!

Three different ways to give structure to your conversation with customer (Think about these before heading into a call with the Customer)

Let’s take a look at the first one!

Defining the objectives for the call:

  • Think about why are you calling the customer
  • Do you have a meaningful update to share with the customer
  • Do you need a screen sharing session or you need more information

Setting agenda for the call:

  • Focus on the agenda and revolve your conversation around the points
  • Mapping conversations around your talking points are very crucial

Rehearse in your mind:

  • Do a mental rehearsal of what you will speak to and how you want to present the points

Last but not the least, listen, listen, and listen!

Call Communication
Call Communication

It is essential to understand the issue from customer’s perspective.

A Second way of keeping a structure in place is by following the below model:

Problem/ Solution/ Benefit:


  • Seek more information on the problem and probe for right questions to reach at the facts of the issue


  • Provide the solution or workaround for the customer


  • What the customer will directly experience as a result of this solution or workaround

A Third way of putting a structure in place:

Listen – Rephrase – Present Solution/Workaround


  • Use your active listening skills to understand the complete issue


  • This step is in place to ensure you are able to re-validate your definition of the issue and comprehend.


  • Provide the solution or workaround for the issue.
  • If a screen sharing session is required this will be the step where you want to let the customer know about solving the problem. 
Give this a try and let me know your feedback!
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You want to learn or know how did the Call communication came into existence, read it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_call

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