10 Magical Elements for Corporate Communication

A great quote and elements of Communication!

“The more you say, the less people will remember”

by Francois Fenelon

Are you wondering what has this got to do with Corporate Communication?

Or how does this add to the Elements of Communication?

Let’s take a look and learn on how to implement the quote and the elements of our communication every day! I mean absolutely yes, every day.

By creating this content, I would love to help you understand the different Elements of Communication, this will help you to implement them in your day to day conversation and become a sensible speaker talking sense at your workplace. This is helpful for anyone starting from someone who is extremely new to the corporate world or someone who has spent many years in the industry.

 The usual problem which I have seen, with most of the corporate fresher’s is they tend to add a lot of details and in my words, I called it as “Brain Dump of information,” now you must be wondering how do I avoid adding a lot of details or information to the message or the way it is delivered. Let’s review each element one by one.

Elements of Communication
Elements of Communication

I will focus on 2 different Communication channels, Verbal and Written. The best part about both the channels is, you can add the elements to the Verbal as well as Written style of communication.

1.     Plan: We all have too many things to talk about or write about on several topics, as we are focusing here on Communication. It is imperative for you to focus on planning. Create the pointers in mind and put them on a piece of paper to plan.

2.     Be specific: Mention the points which are important for your audience to learn and know about. It can be the case that you want your colleague or your manager to revert to the email. For that to happen, you will have to specify and request a revert.

3.     Structure: It is very crucial for you to have a structure in your messaging. A good structure can break or make a message appropriate to the readers, speakers and writers.

Corporate Communication includes a good structure when sharing the message, it can be a scenario that you’re writing an email to your manager or a colleague, if there is no structure and a lot of paragraphs, I’m sure they would be standing next to you asking what help do you need.

4.     Most important Element of Communication is No Errors: It is crucial to ensure that you do not make grammatical errors while writing. Errors do not provide you with a better meaning of the message, rather they would change the meaning to something else.

5.     Use Active Voice: My all-time favourite element of communication is Active Voice. It sounds so energetic, positive and makes a reader read and speaker to be heard. I would suggest practising using Active Voice in your conversation as it will bring life to the way you deliver a message.

6.     Be Clear: Your message needs to be clear in all aspects, a little ambiguity can leave a reader feeling disconnected or they might not be interested to revert to your Communication.

Corporate Communication

7.     Confidence: I have been in scenarios where I have felt so confident in my communication and at times I prefer to stay quiet because I have no idea about what everyone is talking of or writing about.

I’m sure you can relate to this, to get rid of this awkwardness, always be confident in your Communication. Half-baked information no problem! Be confident with that too. You see how easy it becomes.

8.     Use Stories: The best way to communicate and add an element of being heard is to add a story, it makes the reader and the listener curious, at the same time you can draw attention to your Communication.

This element will be thanked upon! Stories leave an impression of your own experiences, learning and failures too, don’t take this as negative but think about it as a point to be in the conversation.

9.   Being Empathetic: In one of my training’s at my workplace, one of the participant’s asked me, “Pooja, can you tell me how I should add Empathy in my Communication?”

I felt happy that I had an opportunity to explain the strongest element of any communication. Having Empathy for another person is the ability to understand and put yourself in their shoes. When you empathize you’re in a state to reflect the words mentioned by another person. Trust me it helps!

10.  Tense: The last element and the most important one, Tense. Always remember improper usage of tenses could lead to confusion and misinterpretation of your message in your communication.

Conversation can be viewed both through Verbal and Written. By ensuring you’re implementing all the Elements of Communication explained above, you will be able to create amazing messaging.

You can learn more about the basic meaning of Communication at this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Communication

Also, remember that each element plays an important role in making or breaking the conversation. In order to convey your message, it is crucial for you to practice the Elements at the same time work towards implementing them.

Way of communication and implementing the different styles can take time, as someone rightly said “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” My suggestion for learning how to communicate is to practice, practice and practice.

It is important that you implement these elements, rehearse them and put them to use. You will be surprised to see you will be able to communicate verbally or written in a confident way.

Feeling confident already? Great! Start using the Elements in all your communication and see the magic happening. I’m so excited to hear how this piece of content has helped you to do well.

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Share your story or feel free to leave your comment below. I will be waiting to hear from you all 🙂 

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