Effective Reading – the beginner’s guide with 4 suggestions

My guide to readers. I’m amazed to learn the difference it makes for a person to read and change their perspectives.
I have seen people evolving completely in their thought process just by reading.
Doesn’t it sound true? Read below to know more
In a survey conducted on the effects of reading, 45% of the group who read every day for 15 minutes showed an increase in their cognitive abilities and were able to comprehend well.
Need more data? Read here
Science has proved that reading has a lot of good benefits to the brain.
Are you a beginner who wants to start reading and not able to find the time? Are you someone who has been reading but feels disconnected easily?
You have landed at the right place. Take a look of all the myths that is stopping you from effective reading and becoming a effective reader.
1. It is too late: NO it’s never too late, whoever tells you that it’s too late to start reading, ignore their words.
Reading is a hobby/ habit which can be developed at any point in time. No age is too late or early to start reading.
I would say, just start reading more daily. You can have few apps downloaded on your phone which can show you
2. Fiction and non fiction does not help me: To begin with, it is always a great practice to start with easy reading books, where the vocabulary is not too overwhelming and it can be easy for you to stay connected throughout the reading session
3. Reading clubs will help? Absolutely, as you are just starting to be reader.
You will be a part of an environment with like minded people and it would help you to build confidence in reading and comprehension.
Did someone tell you it’s just not about reading? Comprehension plays an important role too.
4. I listen to Audio books: Reading and listening are two different tasks I must say.
3 friends of mine are pro when it comes to listening the books and they can actually tell you the complete gist without even losing their focus, whereas another two friends who are book readers like me are hooked to books.
The reason I suggest you to read is, it a habit for sure but it’s an experience on travelling to different land of adventures and living inside the book world.
Oh you are reading it correctly, it’s a different world in books.
5. I feel disconnected with reading: Few reasons you might be losing interest while reading is, it’s not the subject that you like reading or because of the nature of the book or the concept you’re reading you might be finding it complex.
As you’re just beginning, go easy on reading, you pick books which interest you or just stick to one writer and read the particular authors book. You see it is easy.
6. Not able to find the time: Making it a habit to read at least twice a week for 15 minutes, this must be doable. Keep your schedule a little free, throughout the day, just pick 15 minutes and read.
If you think you want to read before bed time. That would be fantastic, researchers say that people who read before bedtime are able to sleep well.

Contemporary Fiction:

architecture, travel, city
The Alchemist
A thousand Splendid Suns
The Kite Runner
The Palace of illusions
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Classic Fiction:

book, sherlock holmes, mystery
The complete novels of Sherlock Holmes
Wuthering heights
Pride and Prejudice
To kill a Mockingbird

Travel Books

effective reading
Sally Rooney- Normal People
Born to Run
Into Thin Air
The Almost Nearly Perfect People

Easy and happy Reads:

effective reading
The Essential Collection for young reader- Ruskin Bond
Looking for Alaska
The Theory of Everything- a little complex but a great read!
Everything, Everything
I would recommend keeping checking for a lot of great posts and reviews of books on Goodreads.com, at times I try to review and then read, but please don’t judge the book. I would rather recommend reading the gist of the book and then decide if it interests you or not.
Most of the readers will have a different perspective on each book and it might not be the same for a particular book. I’m sure this guide will help you to start reading and add it as practice in your schedules.
Need more inspiration? Quick points below on what are the benefits of reading everyday?
  • Strengthen the Brain
  • Increases the Cognitive abilities
  • Build and Develops vocabulary
  • Reduces stress
  • Journey in the world of book reading
  • Helps to sleep well
  • Long term effects of reading helps you to read well and quick
  • Comprehension increases
  • Develop focus
  • Mindfulness

I’m sure with all of the pointers, this Guide is going to help you to read well and start reading 🙂

My all-time favourite quote, read below and get inspired.

‘”Read, read, read. Read everything – trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! You’ll absorb it. Then write. If it’s good, you’ll find out. If it’s not, throw it out of the window.”

William Faulkner

This quote has inspired me all the time to read, write and improve my skills and I’m sharing these to help you all.

Call to action: what do you think, reading can now be easy and you will be a good reader soon! These basics are good to begin your journey into the world of reading.

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All the best everyone! Start reading today. Share your experience below and your knowledge in the comment box below.

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