The Amazing 7 C’s of Communication

How many times in a day have you come across a situation you want to communicate at home, a friend, a colleague, manager, director etc. it must be innumerable times?

7 C’s of Communication will help you to be a decent speaker and due to the current pandemic and work from home, we work in an environment where communication plays an active role. If it is not communicated with clarity, it is pure noise with no meaning.

One of my all time favorite quotes:

“To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others.”

Anthony Robbins

In a survey conducted for 500+ employees, the results are astonishing. 29% of the employees’ time was spent only on communication. Please note this data is pre- Coivd19.

I am sure we are spending more emails, more communication, and more calls so ensure everything works smoothly.  

On an average we spend around 2.25 hours everyday just to communicate with everyone around us and the digital world that we are living in. Looking at the data, I’m sure we want to do justice to the number of hours which are spent on communication. 

We are living in a digital world and in this pandemic; it is more important to have a good grab on the communication skills as it will help you to deliver your messages with meaningful information using 7 C’s of Communication.

Why is it important?
Think about all the times in your professional life, you have been misunderstood the way you have written your message or spoken in a way that did not resonate well with the other person. Learning the 7C’s of communication will gain a better professional relationship and you will be recognized as a good speaker too. Isn’t that amazing? 
7 C's of Communication

Let’s learn how to implement these in communication!

Let’s review an easy way to understand the 7 C’s of communication which will help you do well in the corporate world and improve your Business Communication. There are different varieties to the 7 C’s however, we will look and learn the basic C’s of Communication. 
Clarity: : keeping your conversations clear will help you excel in Business Communication. It helps you to emphasize a specific message or goal. With clarity in the message, it helps you to be clear about ideas.
Always have a clear purpose on why you are communicating and what is the message that needs to be delivered to the audience. This will help you by keeping your message clear and content.
Concise: being concise helps you to deliver your message in the shortest way possible, when the messaging is clear and concise it helps the reader to understand the point of communication.
Your audience does not want to read lengthy messages which can be communicated in 5 to 6 lines in a paragraph. 
Concrete: refers to being particular, it helps you to avoid any ambiguity and vagueness in your message. Your audience will know what the message is all about and what is the next important point to read about. 
Correct: correctness of the messaging is important to provide error free messaging to the audience or readers, ensure you have reviewed and  validated the information before using the details
Coherent: When your communication is coherent, it is logical. The reader will rely on the information/ details shared by you and will take a word for it.
Remember, there should be relevant points and give a good structure to your communication. You can add bullet listed or numbered lists to provide readability. 
Complete: message should be complete, any vague statements or fact will deviate the attention of the reader. A message reads and feels complete when you’re able to provide the user the details they have been looking for an answer to.
If your reader needs to take any action, always mention a “call-to-action” segment which will help the reader understand the action or the urgency of any specific task.
Courteous: Be polite, honest in your communication. It shows a lot of respect and sincerity in the way you communicate. If speaking over call, ensure your tone is polite and pitch is soft so that the speaker can understand your message.
Use a language which is friendly yet professional and gives the reader a professional demeanor of the writer or the message sender.
Few important points to keep in mind, along with 7 C’s of communication there are other aspects that will help you deliver your message in a structured, precise and logical manner. A quick read below:
  • Communication is the root of the message, ensures it is clear and has a correct structure
  • Focus on effective communication and implement the 7C’s of communication
  • Be honest and keep your message clear, if there is a task which was not done, try to mention the same and provide the reasons
  • Use a positive tone in your message as it helps the audience to draw their attention to each topic
  • Begin your messages with empathy
  • Proofread your messages always, read out aloud and hear the words when you speak. Does it make sense? If the answer is yes, the reader would agree to your message too. 
You are now in good understanding of how and why these 7 C’s of Communication are important. Remember: Good communication is everything at the workplace, it is important to keep tasks streamlined and communicate the deliverables with no ambiguity in the message. 
Did you know? Communication is one of the critical skills for the employees. Now that you know, and you have learned how to add the implement in your communication. Use them! 
Call to action: what do you think, Are the 7 C’s of communication applicable to you? Are you going to use it in your communication and see an improvement?  What are the factors that will help you be successful using 7C’s of Communication? 
Share your experience below and your knowledge in the comment box below.  If you have liked the article, spread the word and share the article, this will help someone learn! 

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